"I love playing different people, and basically fitting myself into different people. You really get to totally transform yourself and totally think in a different mind set when filming. Even playing Alison in Pretty Little Liars, you would never be that person in real-life."

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4x12 / 5x12

"I want fans to know that the decision to tell this story was made a long time ago," the showrunner explained. "I think sometimes these episodes are promoted for the shock value, like ‘Oh my gosh all of the sudden someone’s going to die!’ But I don’t want people to think that this was haphazard in any way. We weren’t spinning the dial and saying, ‘Okay it landed on that person, time for them to die!’ It was nothing like that,” she said. “This story point came to us over a year ago and it felt like it was a very important part of the big Pretty Little Liars story that we needed to tell.” x

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on

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First and last words

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